Crystal Clarity Workshops

Get clear with your position and direction

Get an external perspective on your work

Step forward with purpose

These workshops are for you!

In these workshops, you can think of us as a Thinking Partner, a Design Thinking activity guide, a Metaphor Work facilitator, and most importantly, your ally in getting crystal clear with where you are and where you’re going.

We have used clarity workshops to help people:

  • Change careers
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Mind-map and get a higher perspective on a complex challenge
  • Use introspection, reflection and future projection to orient themselves to the greater picture in their business journey
  • Create a brand story and journey
  • Plan the development of an app
  • Re-evaluate and evolve their business
  • And quite a bit more!

This work can help you to form a better understanding of what you are doing, the important WHY of the work, and clarity on your next steps.

If you’ve ever wanted to go on an adventure through your business journey, and come out with a multi-faceted understanding of what it is you really do and why, join us for one or a series of sessions and let’s explore!

We use questions for insight and prompts for thinking outside the box.

We don’t forget fun and humour in the process.

We use colour, interesting activities, resources and you get take-home digital boards of our work together.

We allow serendipity to be a part of the process.

Ready to explore?

Reach out here to schedule some crystal clarity and support.

You can also contact us on:

0430 444 816