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We use design to firepower community impact.

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Our Impact Model

As a social enterprise, we support the community through providing affordable, professional design to organisations who need it to grow.

Our sponsored design is supported by full fee paying clients, who may be businesses looking to increase their corporate social responsibility, or previous clients who gained funding through our initial help, and are moving to the stage of their work.

Our sponsored design is offered to organisations who need it in order to receive or apply for funding to get them to the next level, or to provide their services – we give these communities a boost to be credible, effective and connect with their audiences. 


Social Good Outpost is recognised as one of Brisbane’s top 15 Social Enterprises selected for the inaugural Elevate+ Program in 2018, sponsored by the Brisbane City Council.

Who we support

Our low cost and pro bono design supports and celebrates women-led community organisations and projects that couldn’t otherwise afford the design they need, to do the work they do.

We support projects based on:

In the 2017-2018 financial year, we supported:

Organisations by focus area

We also support the community through

Design workshops for women

In collaboration with Global Sisters and the Victorian Women’s Trust, we run workshops for emerging women entrepreneurs on topics like: branding, how to create a website, and creating social media graphics.

Victorian Women’s Trust is a progressive philanthropy trust supporting gender equality.

Global Sisters is a national non-profit supporting women to become financially indepedent through entrepreneurship.

Donations to The Channel

We support The Channel – Philanthropic Giving Circle through funding. The Channel is a giving circle that funds lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, intersex and asexual (LGBTQIA+) community projects.

Free Drop-in Design Sessions

We provide pro-bono assistance on an ad hoc basis.

So far we have provided free drop-in design sessions to organisations who visited us at One Roof Women – Melbourne.

One Roof is Australia’s leading co-working space for women-led organisations and business.

Providing students with work experience

We value the experiences of students and want to ‘give back’ by providing work experience opportunities for students in design-related fields.

So far we have had two work experience students in 2018.

Socially-responsible work

We support both members of our team and associates – brilliant individual contractors who excel in graphic design, web design, content writing, animation, videography, illustration, and more. As an intersectional feminist design agency, we are passionate about supporting diverse individuals in everything that we do.

Supporting flexible work

Our co-founder Elise began the Social Good outpost after experiencing bilateral hand disabilities. We build flexible work into everything we do.

Empowering women

We’re a women-led design agency, currently with an all-female design team.

Celebrating myriad perspectives

Our team of associates comes from all walks of life and represent a diversity of genders, sexualities, ethnicities and abilities.

Let’s Work Together!

We’ll help you be even more proud of the work you do.

We can meet for a cuppa and a chat in our HQ cities Brisbane and Sydney and often go on the road around regional Australia.

We work with clients all over Australia and South East Asia, meeting and working online. 

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How can we help you?

Some of the organisations we have supported in the last year through sponsored work include: