Our Social Impact

We use design, communication and curate events to amplify community impact. Learn about our social enterprise model, impact ecosystem, and workplace support.

This is our impact ecosystem, brilliantly illustrated by our intern partner Kathleen O'Hagan at Griffith University QLD.

Our social enterprise model offers low cost or pro bono strategic assistance to social enterprises.

Strategic Mentoring in Design, Communication and Impact

This mentoring assists women-owned, LGBTIQ, or indigenous-led organisations to receive assessment and guidance on their communications, design, impact strategy and a chance to talk through their current strategies for feedback.

We offer this support to help organisations with a ‘strategy first’ approach, which we have found is very effective in helping design, communications, and impact to align with and support the organisation in the right way.

We also support the community through:

  • Coaching and 1:1 Design Help for Women starting their own business through Global Sisters’ programs. We are an ongoing momentum coach for various programs.

  • Starting in January 2021, our first partnership with US-based The Inturnship kicked off, to support 3 women from Global Sisters over the course of 3 months, with teams of Inturn* designers, strategists and communicators giving their skills and gaining experience to create brands, social media strategy, resources and guides to supercharge the women’s businesses.

    *Inturns are graduates from anywhere in the world who are gaining experience anywhere in the world in their professional fields through a new way of work experience: remote, supported, inclusive.

  • Design Accelerator for Women in Business

    In collaboration with Global Sisters and the Victorian Women’s Trust, we ran workshops for emerging women entrepreneurs on topics like: branding, how to create a website, and creating social media graphics.

    Victorian Women’s Trust is a progressive philanthropy trust supporting gender equality.

    Global Sisters is a national non-profit supporting women to become financially independent through entrepreneurship.

  • Providing students with work experience for university course credits

    We value the experiences of students and want to ‘give back’ by providing work experience opportunities for students in design-related fields.

    In 2018 we had two work experience students, and four students in 2019. Our assistant students have helped with animation, videography, press releases, article writing and graphic design.

    In 2019 we also engaged two teams of 6 students on two projects: researching business opportunities, and Sustainable Development Goal alignment with the University of Sydney via Practera.

    In 2020 we worked with 2 students from Griffith Honours College and 2 further work experience students in journalism and impact storytelling.

    In 2021 we worked with 3 students from Griffith Honours College, working in impact storytelling.

Socially-responsible work

Supporting flexible work

We began Social Good Outpost after our Co-Founder Elise experienced bilateral hand disabilities. We build flexible work into everything we do.

Empowering Women

We're a women-led design agency, currently with an all-female team.

Celebrating myriad perspectives

Our team of associates comes from all walks of life and represent a diversity of genders, sexualities, ethnicities and abilities.

We can help you increase your social impact too

Discover how you can express your social change and message clearly and increase your social impact, sustainability and supporter engagement.