Impact measurement support for social enterprise and organisations

Clarify your processes, methods and outcomes for successful impact measurement of your initiatives.

Our impact & outcomes measurement and communication helps you wherever you are in your project or initiative’s lifecycle.

Through providing recommended actions at each stage of your initiative, our impact framework helps you prepare for, and start to measure, both output and outcomes.

Using evidence-based resources, and human-centred methodologies, we support your organisation to make change and communicate it well.

Examples of what we can help you achieve

  • Propose a Theory of Change or develop one from evaluation data
  • Create clear impact goals and express these in a Logic Model
  • Define measurable outcomes and outcome metrics
  • Formulate effective questions to gather data
  • Choose the best research methods for the phase or type of initiative you are currently in
  • Gather data through recommended tools
  • Collect qualitative data and stories
  • Interpret and analyse data
  • Evaluate your initiative
  • Communicate your outcomes and your desired longer term impact
  • Create impact storytelling with words, images and multimedia
  • Make improvements based on data and evidence

Find clarity and confidence with:

Logic Model, Indicators & Metrics, Theory of Change

See how your purpose influences your process, and how to measure performance.

Choosing what to track & measure

Making sure we are measuring what matters to your Theory of Change, and what is possible for your organisation now.

Methods of data collection

Choosing how to gather data, types of data, research methods and tools.

Ongoing impact tracking tools, methods, & automations

Processes and understanding to make ongoing impact data gathering easier.

Sharing your impact

Including creating impact statements, preparation for accreditations & grants, program evaluation and impact reports.

Start right away, with our impact measurement resources & templates

Changemaker Workbook for Impact Measurement Success

Co-designed with social enterprises across Australia over the latter half of 2022, this Changemaker Workbook for Impact Measurement is designed to hold your hand, and lead you through the process of starting to measure your social impact.

Free Logic Model Template

A simplified version of our first workbook module, the logic model template, is available as a Notion template. Recommended as a first step in impact measurement.

Social Change Output Tracker

Have you ever needed to express the cost or value of your social change initiatives?

Having an easy tool to record program statistics and output is the other side of the picture of tracking your outcomes.

Upcoming events

Social Impact Measurement Workshop Series

Come along to a monthly series of hands-on workshops, led by Lara Stephenson of Social Good Outpost. This series provides time and space to dedicate to measuring your impact in a small group online.

Come along and be supported, learn handy tips and tricks, and leave with clear next steps for your impact measurement process.

Impact Measurement CoWork Hour

Held fortnightly, the coworking hour is for you to come along for moral support while working on social impact tasks, or to ask questions and hear stories from others also in social impact work. 

It’s informal, supportive, and a friendly way to meet others on the impact measurement journey.

Make change with impact and purpose. Book an impact consultation with us here.

Or, find a time in our calendar to catch up over a call. Book here.

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