Impact measurement and tracking

for social enterprises and for-purpose organisations

Get clear on what you’re measuring and tracking, why you are doing it, and how you will use it.

We help with understanding your social and environmental impact goals, and what is most important for your enterprise to measure and report on.

1. Theory of Change

See how your purpose influences your process, and how to measure performance.

2. What to measure

Making sure we are measuring what matters to your Theory of Change.

3. How to measure

Choosing type & quality of measurement, shared measurements, and methods to use

4. Tools to measure

Simple tools and methods building on what you already gather and know.

We can work together at any stage of this process, although the Theory of Change is the foundational step in making sure you’re on the right path.

Ways we can assist you in your own impact measurement:

  • Creation of your Theory of Change
  • Review of your current Theory of Change and outcomes
  • Automations to help make data gathering easier
  • Research questions to use, and survey creation
  • Impact or evaluation report design
  • Evaluation activities

Find clarity in your social impact

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