Practical design - and tutorials - to enable Goods 4 Good to launch and grow

Designing and creating a new social enterprise marketplace, stocking artisans and producers who are making a difference in the world.

  • When starting a new enterprise, there’s always the moment of building, creating, and bringing together all the materials before you can start connecting with customers.

With Goods 4 Good, our aim was to keep that time as short as possible – while allowing for clear choices in the design – so that the shop could be up and running, selling products.

We worked with Goods 4 Good Founder, Nandeeta, in her preferred colour palette and with the beautiful photography of the products, to bring together a WordPress-based shop that’s easy to manage, with very little operational expenses.

It was important to make the shop as smooth to use as leading shopping experiences – so we worked cleverly with WordPress and WooCommerce to provide the ease and checkout options that platforms like Shopify offer, without the monthly subscription.

Providing tutorial videos and 1:1 sessions while we put the site together, allowed us to work in tandem to add the products and create the store.

Services we provided:

  • Graphic design
  • Web design & development
  • Ecommerce set up and customisation
  • Tutorials