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PRESS RELEASE 23 July 2019 – Download PDF

Australian public diplomacy program, Australia now, is launching its latest project the Youth Entrepreneurs & Leaders Speaker Series in Cambodia from July 29 for a week-long program of events. Funded by the Australian Government, led by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and curated by Social Good Outpost, the 18-month series will be run across a selection of locations from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region and aims to celebrate and showcase youth as well as cement long standing ties between nations. Working closely with the Australian Embassy in Phnom Penh, the program for Cambodia will comprise of many events including official receptions as well as local engagement with on-ground organisations.

The sister-led team at Social Good Outpost are excited to be bringing this series to Cambodia and looking forward to presenting as keynote speakers.  As awarded social entrepreneurs, they will be working with a number of local organisations such as SHE Investments, Impact Hub, Cambodian Centre for Human Rights, Politikoffee and Future Forum, on topics ranging from creativity and design, to social enterprise.

“Like Australia, Cambodia has a social enterprise scene that is really beginning to thrive. Social enterprise is such an interesting and empowering way of tackling social issues, from poverty and disenfranchisement, to gender equality. We’re really excited to be delivering this youth entrepreneurs & leaders programme in Cambodia as we feel there is a lot that we can share and learn from each other,” said Elise Stephenson, Curator of the programme and Director of Social Good Outpost.

“Cambodia is an important place within our region and is really leading the way in many exciting forms of youth activism and engagement, across creativity to business. Young Australians and Cambodians have much to share with each other, and we think that a focus on social enterprise, start-ups and gender equality is an important way we can explore the impact young people are making in-country,” said Lara Stephenson, Creative Director of Social Good Outpost.

Events in Cambodia:

Tuesday July 30 with Future Forum:

Wednesday July 31 with the Cambodian Centre for Human Rights:

Thursday August 1 with SHE Investments and Impact Hub:

Saturday August 3 with Politikoffee:

The Youth Entrepreneurs & Leaders Speaker Series curator, Social Good Outpost, is proud to support youth to youth links through the series and spark interest in future Cambodian-Australian collaborations.

“Young people are smart, energetic, and driven. So much magic happens when you bring young people together to think and collaborate. That’s what we are trying to do with our program here in Cambodia,” said Elise Stephenson, Curator of the programme and Director of Social Good Outpost.

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