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The young entrepreneurs and leaders speaker series brings our nations together to share, celebrate and strengthen our successes

Australia now Malaysia 2020-21 builds on the deep and long-standing ties between Australia and Malaysia. The 2020-21 program focuses on engaging and celebrating the vitality, diversity and capability of youth across Southeast Asia.



TBC July 2020

Resilience & Recovery: Future-Proof Societies

Working with the Australian High Commission and partners throughout Malaysia, this delegation will focus on rebuilding and resilience in a new era of COVID-19 recovery, particularly with regards to: gender equality, health, human rights, climate change and adaptation, and mental health. It will focus on building future-proof, just and prosperous future societies.



TBC August 2020

New Horizons: Sustainable & Innovative Entrepreneurship

Working with the Australian High Commission and partner organisations, this delegation will focus on establishing the new horizons for business and the economy in a new era of COVID-19 recovery and adaptation. It will cover sustainability, innovation and adaptation, as well as social entrepreneurship and new technologies.


Speakers and program TBD, however elements of entrepreneurship, communication and leadership will be included in every delegation, no matter the specific focus.

  • Gender Equality for All
  • Recovery and Rebuilding: ASEAN Future Economy and Society
  • Everyone Belongs: Inclusion & Innovation
  • Thriving & Collaborative Communities: Ethnicity and Race
  • The Future Earth: Climate Change & Sustainability
  • The Future of Business: Social Enterprise & Business with Purpose
  • Making an Impact: Startups and Entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge Circle: Indigenous Culture and Learnings
  • New Horizons: Tech Innovation & Advancement
  • Communities in Crisis: Disaster Planning
  • Bright Sparks: Creative Industries
  • Resilience and Anti-Fragility: Mental Health
  • Sciences Futures: STEM Innovatio


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Australia now ASEAN

Official website, showcasing and connecting future innovators, leaders, thinkers, creators and social change makers across Southeast Asia.

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Australia-ASEAN Council

The council’s mission is to increase knowledge and promote Australia’s interests in Southeast Asia by initiating and supporting activities to enhance understanding and links between people and institutions in Australia and 10 countries: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

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Impact Boom

Media partner for the Young entrepreneurs & leaders speaker series.

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What does it truly take to make social impact?

In her tour of Laos, Nicole found that for many it was the first time they had ever engaged in the topic of mental health.

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Learnings from Laos: connection & collaboration for social impact

When we think about social impact, there’s few better places in the region that Australia has had such a strong and supportive role in boosting the people and economy.  The needs of being a least developed nation, and the opportunities that Australia has helped to pioneer through its aid program and commerce, are an interesting departure point of this article series: ‘Australia now: Youth Making an Impact in ASEAN’.

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How to tell stories about social impact: Learnings from Gender Month in Vietnam

Two weeks ago, I woke up in Vietnam … It was the final day of a week that was packed with 13 events I’d been running with fellow social entrepreneur, Felicity Furey, as part of the Australian Government’s Australia now program.

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Why some social enterprises succeed (and others don't): learnings from Cambodia

We headed to the hot and steaming tropical country of Cambodia at the end of July to spend a week working with the Australian Embassy and local social enterprises, think tanks and NGOs all around a few key themes: including gender equality and social enterprise.

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