SGO’s South East Asia social enterprise and for-purpose library

Organisations and enterprises across South East Asia, and how you can support and connect with them.

Many of these organisations we’ve met and worked with through our public diplomacy programs, and others from travels and research.

Many are chosen because we can support, shop, attend online classes and interact from here in Australia as well as when we can visit in person.

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Tanoti Crafts

Tanoti is a social enterprise focused on heritage craft preservation, women's empowerment, and rural community building. The Penans are Sarawak’s last nomadic tribe, having settled into structured communities between 30 years to as recent as 5 years ago. Their deep connection with the rainforests sees them still relying on the jungles to support their lives and supplement their livelihoods.
How you can support: Buy from their online store at


Langit promotes unique and heirloom agricultural produce by smallholder farmers from East Malaysia to larger markets. Our products are sourced directly from farmers and procured at a fair price - a minimum of 35% of the retail proceeds go directly to the farmers.
How you can support: Buy from their online store when international shipping resumes, or make some of their delicious recipes at


TaiBaan was started by PADETC, a Lao NGO, as a fair trade social business that works with traditional handicraft artisans to preserve and promote Lao village crafts, create employment opportunities for villagers - mostly women - and reduce poverty. TaiBaan was originally named Saoban. In 2020, Saoban was renamed TaiBaan to reflect rebranding needs of the company. TaiBaan means ‘village or a community of villages’ in the Lao language. TaiBaan supports more than 15 village crafts groups of many ethnic communities across 10 provinces of Laos. When you buy from TaiBaan Crafts, you provide employment and training for the artisans, and the profits stay in the village communities.
How you can support: Buy from their online store at

Local Alike

Local Alike is a travel company that offers a wide range of community-based tourism and responsible tourism experiences. Our excursions are fun and immersive. Travellers not only get to take part in off the beaten path experiences but also contribute to the preservation of environment, culture, and local ways of life.
How you can support: They operate throughout Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Taiwan. Travel with them when you can!

Edible Garden City

We believe that growing your own food will reconnect one with nature, conserve natural resources, and cultivate a sense of community. Beautiful gardens can be productive too! Let us bring you closer to your food source!
How you can support: Be part of a virtual learning program at or visit when in Singapore

New Heaven Dive School

New Heaven is a Koh Tao dive school with a difference. New Heaven is a family owned business, established on Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand in 1995. We were one of the first dive schools on the island, yet remain one of smallest. When you come to our dive school you are not only one of our valued customers, but you also become a part of the New Heaven family. We are able to offer you a more holistic holiday experience with our Yoga and Ayurvedic health classes taught overlooking the pristine Chalok Ban Kao bay.
How you can support: Stay at their accommodation, do a diving course or dive with them, and yoga classes, when in Thailand.


Global refugees working from the Indo Pacific
At MADE51 we bring beautiful hand-made crafts created by refugee artisans to the global market. Every product sold helps refugees build sustainable livelihoods whilst continuing to celebrate and maintain long-held artistic traditions. Made51 is brought to life by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, a global organisation dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people.
How you can support: Buy from their online store at

Courageous Kitchen

Courageous Kitchen hosts cooking classes and street food tours, using the proceeds from each to make a difference in communities in need. Join us as we go live from Bangkok to teach Thai cooking classes, share recipes, and tastes of Thai culture. For friends and supporters located in Bangkok, we also offer plant based vegan food for pre-order each week. Proceeds from all of these activities help us to reach out communities at risk, including helping families in need during the Covid-19 crisis.
How you can support: We believe, “Leaders in the kitchen, are leaders in the community,” and invite you to join our classes virtually on zoom, or in person in Bangkok, Thailand. Book a virtual class at or learn online in a course at


HiveSters is an award-winning travel social enterprise founded with a mission to preserve and help Thai culture flourish by empowering local masters to share Thai culture to the world through sustainable tourism. HiveSters works like a beehive, a hub of culture heroes that works together to help preserve local culture both from the inside out and from the outside in. We cherish their local traditions, develop sustainable tourism programs and train the locals in essential knowledge and skills that can help them continue local practices sustainably such as entrepreneurship, storytelling and customer service.
How you can support: Book a tour or travel experience with them when you visit Thailand

Indigo Cat

Indigo Cat is authentic. All our products are genuinely manufactured by hand. From homegrown hemp to traditional batik or handmade embroidery. We carefully choose our fabrics directly by visiting local families from all over the northern part of Vietnam. Those families and Indigo Cat agree on a fair price that covers the cost of labor and materials and enables artisans to earn a fair compensation for their work. All these artisans can plan for the future with constant orders from month to month. We are now working with more than 50 different families and we are employing 3 women in our workshop at the 2nd floor of our shop. By purchasing items from us, our customers are directly impacting the local minority communities to create a better life for them and their families.
How you can support: Buy from their online store, shipping worldwide, at

Reaching Out

Over the years, our social enterprise, Reaching Out, has grown to a multi-location group of businesses where people of different abilities can showcase their unique talents in an array of exquisitely crafted goods and gracious services. Driven by strong core values and a commitment to quality and integrity, more than 70 employees, both able bodied and the disabled, now comprise a strong team who together, have created this world-renowned enterprise.
How you can support: Buy homewares, jewellery and coffee online at

Jack's Cat Cafe

Snuggle with rescue cats while sipping on a coffee and relaxing. Jack’s Cat Cafe is a cafe and rescue shelter, where roughly sixty cats reside.
How you can support: Visit when in Hoi An, Vietnam, or support their parent organisation through a donation at

We try to make sure all details are accurate but in some cases they may change.