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  • As of 14th June, we have started work on our new course design on Go1, and are in the concept stages of upgrading Wavelength’s website to something bigger, better and offering much more services and learning.
  • June 2019: We have been gifted with the use of course creation platform Go1, to start creating our courses.
  • As of 24th April we have raised $4000 through giveOUTday. We were aiming for $5000 through giveOUTday, and $7,500 would allow us to fully fund the next stage of creation.


Funds raised so far (June 2019)

Social Good Outpost is partnering with Wavelength Medical Education to create a national educational website for medical students and professionals, especially to serve LGBTIQ+ patients, including culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Australia.

Wavelength is a collective originally created by LGBTIQ+ university students in Melbourne, to address the urgent need for LGBTIQ+ specific medical education and training for medical students (and professionals). There is currently no official LGBTIQ+ educational material taught in universities.

All content has been created by the Wavelength team, including filming their own videos of role played medical appointments that address different spectrums of the LGBTIQ+ experience. It includes culturally diverse perspectives, local members of our community reflecting different ways of experiencing gender and sexuality, and is truly “made by the community for the community”.

It’s an educational, reflective, free tool that encourages students of medicine to understand their current knowledge and biases and also to learn from some best practice interactions, lectures from noted professionals, and test their knowledge in interactive ways.

We at Social Good Outpost helped them to get a pilot program running in 2017-18, which has been running with success, and collecting feedback since, to expand this to include more modules and a much greater reach.

We are looking to fund the expansion of the course, into a much larger website with more content and ability for handling thousands of active students at once. Partnering with Wavelength, all funding raised here will go towards the design and creation of a world-class medical education resource that supports LGBTIQ+ people.

The pilot program for Wavelength can be explored at:

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